World Cultures History Project Kit

World Cultures History Project Kit


Product Details:

The World Cultures History Project Kit comes packed with fun, hands-on activities that help reinforce your student’s World Cultures studies.

This kit includes materials for each project and an instruction guide. You supply only a few typical household items. Each project is an opportunity for creative expression.

Projects Include:

  1. Ancient Egypt: Obelisk
  2. Northern European Straw Weaving
  3. Medieval Catapult
  4. Age of Exploration: Sailing Ship
  5. American West: Build a Log Cabin
  6. Inventors: Samuel Morse Telegraph
  7. Traveling Faster with Cars
  8. Mountains: Build a Volcano
  9. Desert: Lap Book

Suitable for children ages: 5-7



Beyond impressed with the Hands on!

Beyond impressed with the Hands on for HBL A! Each activity has its own bag with the items you need in it. In the instructions Book it gives you detailed instructions of what extra supplies you may need (examples: scissors, ruler, pens) and very detailed instructions on how to do the craft. At less than 4.50 a craft I think this is a great deal!

– Laura M.

Anti-craft mom convinced!

If you’re on the fence about the World Cultures History Project Kit, let me convince you to get it! It’s amazing! I’m an anti-craft mom because crafts are time consuming and messy, but this box has removed every excuse I have. It has everything you need for each project and is already perfectly organized. The directions are simple and easy to follow.

– Davina K.