American History I Lap Book

NEW!American History I Lap Book


Product Details:

The American History I – Lap Book Kit is a hands-on activity to help reinforce and document your students’ American History studies.

The kit includes instructions and materials for 25 projects, covering early Native Americans through the 1850s. The interactive papercrafts incorporate creative writing, illustration, and research, resulting in a finished product your child will be proud of.

Projects Include:

  1. Explorer Profiles
  2. Mapping the Routes of Columbus
  3. 5 Reasons for Exploration
  4. Native American Tribes
  5. Native Story Bag
  6. Real-Estate Brochure
  7. Doc-Pocket
  8. European Exploration & Colonization
  9. Navigational Equipment
  10. Slavery in America
  11. Mitchell Map
  12. Plantation Crops
  13. George vs. George
  14. British Acts
  15. Monarchy vs Republic
  16. Bad News in Boston
  17. Soldiers of the Revolution
  18. The Famous Duel
  19. The Growth of the United States
  20. Lewis & Clark
  21. The War of 1812
  22. The Erie Canal
  23. The North Star
  24. Covered Wagon
  25. Pharmacopoeia
Suitable for children ages: 8-11



These are the most complete lap book kits I’ve seen. These two lap book kits provide some of the most extensive coverage of American History while making it as easy as possible for parents and students to create fantastic lap books.

– Cathy Duffy

Happily working on the American History Lapbook

Micah insisted on starting his lap book even before breakfast. I was skeptical of the price – $40 for a lap book? Especially when I had to order two! But the kit is amazing, high quality, and worth it all.

– Tracy Lynn T.

Using the American History Lap Book Kit has been incredibly helpful in our homeschool. I have two children. One who loves learning about history and the other who is less than enthusiastic. This lap book has helped it come even more alive for my history buff. And for my reluctant one, it has help him become more engaged and excited about learning a such an important part of school. Adding this element of fun to our school has helped so much! I would highly recommend for your history enthusiasts and your uninterested children.

– Kelsey M.

My kinesthetic kiddo LOVES this American History lap book kit! I’ve never seen him this engaged in learning before. And at 9 he’s old enough to mostly do it on his own, which is great for this non-kinesthetic mother.

– Nicole G.

Fridays call for a fun homeschool activity – working on our American History 1 Lap Book kit and seeing where the early explorers traveled to on the map. This lap book kit has been a huge blessing this year for my hands-on 3rd grader – he’s loving being able to “see” history through the activities and have the topics we’re reading about (early explorers, and Native Americans) in our read-alouds, history texts, and reading books come alive!

– Amber Y.